Our PayDC Chiropractic EHR and billing software is packaged into four distinct modules to enable you to easily manage various aspects of your practice. You can flexibly use the modules you need most or take advantage of the fully integrated aspects of the chiropractic EHR and billing software to use the total PayDC solution.

Patient Documentation & Scheduling


Packed with useful features, this module helps you document patient visits and tailor a care plan while the scheduling system automatically confirms patient appointments and simplifies your day to day office flow with one click check-in and an online waiting room to keep you on schedule!


Billing icon

Our robust billing module automatically generates claim information based on your daily notes, maintains patient and insurance balances due, automatically posts insurance payments and reconciles balances. It also features various financial and practice reports to help you manage your practice and increase collections.

Cash/Insurance Payment Planner

Payment planner

This module allows you to estimate payments, create payment plans and apply discounts, and handle merchant services. A care summary generator helps patients understand the total cost of care and what is covered by insurance and what their portion will be.

EHR Stimulus Support/Meaningful Use (Costs and Limitations)

Meaningful Use

This module makes it easy for you to qualify for and submit to receive federal stimulus dollars in the form of cash reimbursements for meeting Meaningful Use Medicare requirements.