Recorded Webinars

ICD-10 Training with David Klein
(September 15, 2015)

ICD-10 Overview September 15, 2015

Presenter: David Klein- Co-Founder

Training for all PayDC Clients

Documentation & Coding Institute’s Webinar Series

The Fundamentals of Documentation and Coding (#1 of 8)

Presenter: David Klein, CPC, CHC

Coding & Documentation are becoming more critical in today’s practices. This webinar focuses on the fundamentals of coding and documentation. We will provide in-depth instruction on how to properly code for maximum and correct reimbursement and show you how to correctly and accurately tell the story that reflects treatment being prescribed.

Advanced Physical Medicine Coding (#2 of 8)
Presenter: David Klein, CPC, CHC

This webinar focuses on more in-depth coding scenarios by reviewing the differences between modalities and therapeutic procedures, time based services and a comprehensive modifiers.

Learn how to code for nutritional counseling, wellness visits and much more.

Payment Plans, Discounts and Cash (#3 of 8)
Presenter: David Klein, CPC, CHC

Today’s chiropractic practice must be able to handle the ever-increasing out of pocket costs of care for patients. Regardless of the type of practice, creating compliant, easy to manage payment plans that fit into a patient’s budget is key.

We will cover do’s and don’ts for discounts and learn how to create an objective hardship policy for your practice.

Insurance Billing Essentials (#4 of 8)
Presenters: David Klein, CPC, CHC & Lynette Contreni

The practice environment is akin to survival of the fittest and unless the doctor implements proper ways to maximize reimbursement you run the risk of extinction. This webinar is designed for both doctors and CA’s.

You will learn tips for credentialing, insurance verifications and how to properly set your fees. You will also learn when and how to handle appeals, denials and how to deal with different types of insurances.

Risk Management & Ethics (#5 of 8)
Presenters: Jeffrey Randolph, Esq. & David Klein, CPC, CHC

Experts agree that regardless of what happens with health care reform legislation at state and national levels, the industrialization of the health care system is going to continue. New practice models will require providers to confront an increasingly complex legal and liability environment in which the development of an effective risk management strategy will be essential for practice survival. In this presentation, Jeffrey Randolph, Esq. walks providers through the challenging topic of risk management and ethics for today’s chiropractic office.

Audits & Compliance Plans (#6 of 8)
Presenters: David Klein, CPC, CHC & Jason Martin, Esq.

For several years the chiropractic profession has been inundated with warnings, rumors, and other anecdotes about audits – some true, and others, not so much. This module cuts through the rhetoric and presents the basics: what are audits and how are they conducted; what should a practice do if subjected to an audit; and how you can prepare before an audit occurs. This webinar is a must for chiropractors and CA’s alike.

Medicare Documentation & Coding (#7 of 8)
Presenters: Dr. Rich Healy & David Klein, CPC, CHC

Everyone is tightening their belts trying to cut costs; Medicare is no exception. Medicare is no longer paying for services just because the doctor ordered it. This module guides you through understanding the ins and outs of Medicare; Medicare GA-GZ; learning specific coding, documentation and billing requirements; what Medicare requires to show medical necessity; how to read Medicare’s reimbursement policies; and to understand terminology being used so it can be implemented for maximum reimbursement. Proper implementation of information presented will greatly reduce the number of claim denials and reduce the chances of being audited

Meaningful Use & PQRS (#8 of 8)
Presenters: Dr. Rich Healy & David Klein, CPC, CHC

PQRS Cheat Sheet
While physicians are working feverishly to understand the complexities of meaningful use, their efforts are complicated by the demands of other government incentive programs that have similar goals but different rules. PQRS and Meaningful Use are two separate incentive programs with their own sets of rules and requirements. Although both programs are administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services they have distinctly different requirements, deadlines and headaches. Make sure your office is prepared and reporting correctly for both. Simple errors can lead to costly mistakes, this webinar will walk you through the ins and outs of these two Medicare programs and help alleviate the headaches and confusion.